NAXA NPB-268 Portable Cd/Cassette Boom Box

NAXA NPB-268 Portable Cd/Cassette Boom Box


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 NAXA NPB-268 Portable Cd/Cassette Boom Box

Digital AM/FM radio with 40 station presets3.5mm AUX audio input for smartphones, iPods, and other devices3.5mm headphone jack

A new trend in town is for people to put a speaker on their shoulder. There are a lot of useful features, and the Bluetooth technology makes them even better.

Users can play and stream music without having to deal with bulky cables and an awkward docking station. This means they can easily switch between a boom box and speakers without much trouble, which is great if you want to have a dance party on the spot or have performers in bars or clubs during the day.

The NAXA NPB-268 Portable CD/Cassette Boom Box is a big hit with travelers who want to take their music with them. It has a speaker that is strong and a flip-back screen that is a little bit bigger.

This audiovisual product has been around for a year, but it has only recently started to get a lot of attention. It has a sound output of 11 watts and got 4 stars and the "Amazon's Choice" award on Amazon because people liked it so much.

It's perfect for travelers who want to listen to music but don't want to take up too much room in their bags or call home to friends while driving from the airport to their hotel room.



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