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Yes, it seems as though everyone today is hooked on at least one podcast. 

They are the logical progression from vintage radios. Now, anyone with a smartphone and access to an online radio app may listen to original material (mostly audio) on a wide range of topics, from true stories and recipes to documentaries and interviews. 

The vast majority of content creators also provide a personal bio and links to their own podcasts or advertisements.

Anything from pop culture to cutting-edge gadgets to corporate updates can be the subject of a podcast. They provide exciting mediums for obtaining genuine knowledge while performing routine domestic tasks. All you have to do is pull out your iPad or smartphone. After all, nobody enjoys constant musical stimulation.

However, there is an audience that is interested in learning more about where and how they may find quality TEDx content for their portable media players. 

The best TEDx programs, such as listening to a TEDx podcast or recording while going about one's daily activities, have proved difficult to access on the correct platform. To better understand how we may assist you, please explain what TEDx and a TEDx program are.

Talk Exchange (TEDx)

To further TED's goal of discovering and sharing "ideas worth spreading," TEDx is a grassroots movement where anybody may organize and give a talk on the topic. Through independently organized TED-like conferences called TEDx, TED's mission of spreading ideas and inspiration to the world is carried out in local communities. These gatherings are orchestrated by curious individuals eager to learn about and discuss the newest research in their area. TEDx events are freely organized with a free TED license and feature both live TED speakers and recorded TED talks. TED does not pre-screen these events, but those hosting them do agree to use the TED format and are provided with advice on curating, training speakers, planning, and more. Together, they learn from TED and each other. Every year, there are more than 3,000 gatherings planned.

So, what exactly is a TEDx talk?

To get the most out of a TEDx Talk, it helps to have some background knowledge before diving in. The ability to recognize the many types of speeches with merit is also helpful. Thus, your search will be more focused.

Speakers at a TEDx event are expected to present their most substantial ideas in no more than 18 minutes.

How come it takes longer than 18 minutes to finish?

This method of giving brief talks is effective because it leaves less time for the audience to drift off or daydream. Five-minute TED speeches can be as as engaging as their longer counterparts.

So, what exactly constitutes a fully-formed, excellent idea?

The two possible explanations are:

Something completely unexpected, like a new concept or innovation that no one in the audience has ever heard of before.

A brilliant, foundational notion (which the listeners may already be familiar with) paired with a convincing new argument that provokes fresh thoughts and ideas.

An idea, in other words, is more than a narrative or a collection of data. A excellent notion is supported by evidence or observation and reveals a deeper truth.

So, what kind of lectures might one anticipate hearing at a TEDx event?

Talking Points

Here are seven categories to keep in mind while selecting talks to listen to: The content of each presentation need not be identical.

Statements by artists presenting their work and discussing its inspiration, development, and reception.

An essential part of life is having conversations that leave you feeling like you've learned something new and changed for the better.

These presentations focus mostly on the awe and fascination inspired by scientific research and new discoveries, hence the title.

The Topic Discussion: These talks are great for introducing people to a topic they may not have heard much about before.

The show: delight your audience with music, dance, magic, puppets, or anything else piques their interest.

It's hardly a revolutionary, world-altering theory, but it's a captivating perspective on a fascinating topic, and that's what we're talking about here.

The technical presentation: a vivid depiction of a creative new idea, in which the presenter plays a key role.

Now that you have an idea of what to anticipate from a TEDx talk and have listened to a few essential speeches, you can start planning your own. Two of the most downloaded apps provide users with constant access to TEDx speeches, so let's take a closer look at them.

As a Recap

It is common knowledge that podcasts provide listeners with unlimited access to fascinating information and engaging content. Intriguing listeners wherever they may be with recurring themes and episodes is the key to a successful podcast. This is why it's important to take in TEDx speeches. The two top podcast apps we just covered make it simple to discover and enjoy any and all fantastic radio programs you can imagine. FM Radio, on the other hand, is the better option because it provides more range and a wider variety of programs.

Radio FM is a digital audio broadcasting service that features over 50,000 radio stations and over 180,000 podcasts from a wide variety of languages and genres. It is currently available in over 200 countries. The top free podcast app for your mobile device includes everything you need for a fantastic listening experience, including a wide variety of TEDx speeches, news, comedy, and music. Restful listening is enabled through options including sleep, background playback, and subscription channels.

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