Are there any laws about Bluetooth use on the road?

Are there any laws about Bluetooth use on the road?


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The only time a driver should use Bluetooth is in an emergency.

Rather than fumbling with their phones, drivers may simply answer calls and put them on speakerphone or start new voice or text conversations. Therefore, it is entirely responsible to the driver to refrain from using Bluetooth while operating a motor vehicle.

Industries, such as the automotive sector, are adjusting to keep up with the rapid pace of technological change. In the United States, each states are responsible for enforcing regulations on the use of bluetooth devices while driving.

It's now a point of contention among lawmakers and law enforcement agencies whether or not to criminalize the use of hands-free cellular phone accessories, such as Bluetooth headsets, by motorists. There have been no regulations in place that mandate drivers to remove the Bluetooth functionality included in modern vehicles for making calls and other functions.

 Is it illegal to use Bluetooth while driving?

Using Bluetooth while driving is legal.

No texting, emailing, messaging, tweeting, or typing in preestablished 911 emergency contact information while operating a motor vehicle is permitted, although drivers may use personal electronic devices with hands-free functionality or earphones. The use of Bluetooth while driving has not been illegal in any state since 2014, and there are currently no federal regulations in place either.

Some nations have legislation against bluetooth use while driving, while many others do not. There is already law prohibiting the use of a bluetooth device while driving in some countries, including Greece, Switzerland, and Portugal.

In some European nations, such as Estonia and Poland, a police officer can charge for violating this rule using simply a receipt given without stopping the car as proof. Since not all nations have standardized rules on this issue, this is a viable alternative for them to consider.

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