How do I fix a radio that is light but isn't playing the radio ?

How do I fix a radio that is light but isn't playing the radio ?


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If the radio doesn't make any noise when it's on, there could be a problem with the audio cables for the back speakers or with the old speakers.

If you can't find an extra cable, like an FM antenna cable, you could also take your device to a professional who can figure out what's wrong.

If your CD player suddenly stops working or your cassette player slowly starts making clicking sounds, it's probably because of problems with its old tuner or CD/cassette deck. Either one of these pieces of equipment will need to be replaced or they will need to be compensated in some way so that they can work together like they did before.

Is the power cord in the right place?

Sometimes this is the reason why radios won't turn on. Check to see if it's fully plugged in and into a wall outlet, not a power strip or surge protector. When the radio is plugged in, do the buttons light up? If not, you might need to change out some parts.

Problems with the wiring or a blown radio power transistor can make the lights go out.

Tools: A multimeter to measure the voltages of the backup lights and radio, and an electrician's tool kit to chip away the gel coating on the cable terminals so they can be put in the right place.

Electromagnetic waves are sent out by a radio receiver by turning the difference in voltage between the ground and an antenna into alternating voltages with high and low amplitude. If these waves reach a suitable receiving antenna tuned to the same frequency (or close enough), they get amplified 100,000 times or more before they reach your headphones or speakers and make sound.

So you didn't expect this, did you? Then what could be wrong with your radio?

Let's try plugging it in?

If your device is telling you that its battery is low, something is wrong with the way it connects to the battery or with the battery itself.

When a radio's light comes on but no sound comes out, it could be a simple speaker problem or something more expensive like dead batteries or frequencies that have been "chipped." Here are some things you can try:

A. If the back of the radio has a cover that can be taken off, open it to get to the speakers.

B. Check to see if the antenna wire is disconnected from the wire that goes to the speaker output. If it is, it could be shorting out.

C. Make sure the batteries are installed correctly by checking that they are level and have a prismatic shape. Also, make sure that there are no signs of corrosion in the batteries. When you put it back together, make sure you don't mix up the plus and minus signs on the number l suspect ies of electrons. If you do, the cells will die and the rotary dials won't work.

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