The Top 10 Most-Listen-To French Radio Stations in February

The Top 10 Most-Listen-To French Radio Stations in February


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Internet radio caters to fans of niche programming by making a large variety of radio stations available to listeners across the world.

Web radio and internet radio both refer to the same thing: a digital audio service streamed live over the Internet. Webcasting, in contrast to wireless radio, is transmitted directly to listeners via the internet.

Not needing a transmitter means less money out of pocket for the user. Internet radio stations rely on listener contributions rather than advertising to support their operations.

In 2021, French respondents preferred listening to online radio, followed by streaming music and live audio. There are no restrictions on who can use this service because of their age, gender, or occupation; it is open to everyone. Indeed, in 2019, consumers aged 35–49 constituted 26% of online music and radio listeners, while respondents aged 65 and up constituted 15%. In the same time frame, students accounted for 12% of online audio listeners.

A minimum of 40% of the songs played on private radio stations in France must be composed, recorded, and/or arranged in France.

The French government has taken this step in an effort to safeguard the French language and culture. If you're hoping to hear enough French music while listening to French radio, this is excellent news.

Listening to French radio is a great way to immerse yourself in the language and culture, discover new music, and practice listening comprehension. This post will show you how to choose a French radio station that suits your needs.

France's most popular radio stations from the month of February on Radio FM.


Known for its coverage of sports and current events, RMC is one of the most-listened-to radio stations in France and the only one in the Principality of Monaco.

Information about France

France Info, as it is commonly known, was the first French news radio to be formed and continues to be a popular option for listeners today. As a French language student, you could find the fast-paced coverage of breaking news exciting and motivating.


RTL (previously Radio Luxembourg) is the best general-interest radio station to see and listen to the latest songs from France and around the world, and it is especially well-known for its live comedy programs like Les Grosses TĂȘtes (a daily program dedicated to current affairs and culture).

FC France

France Inter is the ideal French radio channel if you want to have a brief discussion in addition to hearing about culture and current events.

What about you, do you enjoy reading books? Tune in to France Inter this coming Saturday at 2:00 pm to hear authors and booksellers from France, Switzerland, Canada, and Belgium discuss the newest books from their respective nations on La Librairie Francophone.

Radio France International – Western Europe

RFI is one of the most listened to internet radio stations in the world, with roughly 35.6 million listeners in 2008. The station is most known for everyday life in easy French, a daily 10-minute podcast that explains the news in basic French.

Current events, economics, culture, and diplomacy are all covered by RFI, a French-language broadcaster also available in 12 other languages.

<> Through 156 distinct FM frequencies, medium and short wave relays, 30 distinct satellite transmissions across the globe, the Internet, and specialized apps, RFI is widely distributed around the world. The RFI network includes more than 1,400 radio stations globally.


After being stopped for over a month in 1984 owing to concerns with the French authorities, NRJ is today the most listened to private radio station in France.

The French private radio station NRJ (which stands for "Nouvelle Radio Jeune") was founded in June 1981 by Jean-Paul Baudecroux and Max Guazzini; the late singer Dalida served as the station's "godmother." As of right now, the radio is part of the NRJ family and was the first international station to join the NRJ network.

During the week, the station plays nothing but today's greatest singles, while on the weekends, electronic music takes center stage for a few hours each night. There are chat shows on every night of the week except Saturday. They have web radios that play everything from rap to R&B to dance to hip-hop to electro to rock to top 40 to urban to local.


Skyrockcuz has some love music, particularly for fans of rap, R&B, and hip-hop, so turn it on if you have a teen who loves music.

Europe 1 Europe 1 features social debates, a political summit, and numerous interviews to shed light on current events in France and beyond.


Even though most of the songs played on Nostalgie are sung in English, one French student reportedly stated that the best part of the channel was the commercials since they teach so many new phrases.

In any case, the best hits of the '70s and '80s will provide that touch of nostalgia you're looking for.


RTL2 is a Paris-based, privately-owned French radio network that debuted in 1992. Hits from the '80s, '90s, '00s, and '10s fill RTL2's playlist.


The free service Radio FM lets you tune in to these and other international online radio stations from France and around the world.

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