What are your thoughts about FM stations ?

What are your thoughts about FM stations ?


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In terms of societal and economic impact, digitalization is among the most important changes of our time. This phenomena has changed many facets of our life.

As a result of this shift, FM radio stations that formerly aired using analogue frequency modulation (FM) are increasingly switching to IP-based digital broadcasting (IP).

I think FM radio should not be overlooked because of the vital role it plays in the broadcast industry today.

Potentially, it might be used to transmit high-quality audio, including both voice and music.

In some locations, the signal quality is even superior to that of over-the-air (OTA) broadcasts and cable TV providers (CTOs).

As for me, I've been pondering this for some time. 

Do you have any opinions about FM radio?

In all honesty, I can't make up my mind about them.

I can't say if this is due to a lack of people knowing about them or because FM stations in general have stagnated.

As a listener, I hope that more radio stations will return to exclusively playing music instead of news and conversation programs. 

That's what wears me out and causes me to tune out.

The popularity of FM radio has been growing for quite some time.

Plus, the number of people who tune in to FM radio has grown in recent years. Traditional songs and formats are common on FM channels, which appeal to some listeners.

Alternatively, some people like the flexibility that comes with being able to listen to their own playlists on their own time with a streaming music service.

There's no denying that FM radio will remain a staple of our cultural listening landscape for the foreseeable future, regardless of your preferred method of consumption.

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